How to protect the environment during the smelting of brown corundum

In the past few years, the smelting and processing of brown corundum abrasives have caused dust pollution, water pollution, gas pollution and noise pollution to different degrees. Then, how do our professional brown corundum manufacturers ensure environmental protection in recent years?

1. Dust treatment: at the early stage of plant construction, automatic inverse pulse bag and filter drum filter are used to solve the environmental pollution caused by dust in the processing process. At present, this method is still the best choice for dust treatment;

2. Noise pollution treatment: the treatment of mechanical noise mainly adopts shielding absorption treatment at the noise source of fixed equipment; Gas noise is mainly caused by the installation of mufflers in the intake and exhaust ports. Noise pollution has been basically solved at present;

3. Water pollution treatment: water recycling is mainly adopted to achieve zero discharge; Water pollution of pickling abrasive, we use high temperature treatment instead of pickling technology to completely solve the pollution of water after pickling;

4, gas pollution: the original use of coal drying process all use coal-to-gas to solve, in the use of gas stove we mainly on the gas stove technical transformation, in order to reduce the amount of coal burning and improve the efficiency of coal burning, to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.

In order to clear water and blue sky and green mountains, we brown corundum manufacturers also spare no effort to carry on the transformation!

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