What is the abnormal expansion of brown corundum abrasive?

What is the abnormal expansion of brown corundum abrasive? What is the use of our daily calcining? From a professional point of view, one of the functions of brown corundum calcining is to eliminate abnormal expansion of abrasive.

Corundum abrasives in smelting process, most of the impurities can be separated, still a small amount of impurities distribution in alumina clinker, including low titanium oxide (Ti2O3, TiO) and titanium oxide (TiC, TiN), they will further oxidation under 400 ~ 600 ℃, the volume increases accordingly, make the abrasive volume change more than the normal expansion of itself, this is called abnormal expansion of abrasive. Abnormal expansion of abrasive material will cause network cracks on the surface of brown corundum ceramic grinding wheel when it is fired, resulting in waste products.

Calcination is the most effective method to remove anomalous expansion due to the oxidation of low-priced oxides and non-oxides of titanium to a stable high-priced oxide, rutile (TiO2), during calcination.

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