Analysis of the shape and function of brown corundum

When choosing brown corundum, we all hope that the products selected are good in all aspects, but it is difficult to judge directly from the appearance. Let's look at our analysis:

There is a great relationship between the quality and size of brown corundum. For example, the ratio of the length, width and height of the product is one-to-one, just like making a cube. Because the shape of the volume produces a more symmetrical mass, every part is the same.

In addition, generally, brown corundum with good volume will have sharp edges and corners in use, so that the cutting intensity of brown corundum will be improved and the working efficiency will be significantly improved. Therefore, raw materials are the key to ensure the quality and performance of brown corundum. The shape of brown corundum also needs to be strictly controlled, so as to achieve high-quality products and meet the needs of different users.

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