Talent center
Talent center

Talent is a strategic resource, the core is to cultivate people, attract people, use people, discover people. Specifically, it includes the following five aspects: human capital investment priority strategy, talent value realization strategy, talent structure adjustment strategy, personnel system reform strategy, and overall talent development strategy. The company has always adhered to the "people-oriented" talent concept, standardized human resource management, committed to building a first-class talent mechanism, the company continues to explore the modern enterprise compensation and welfare system, establish and improve the training system. People - oriented, wide pool of talent, ability, mediocrity, fair competition, survival of the fittest; Leave people with things: people with feelings.

The company attaches great importance to the study of external professional management knowledge and the cultivation of internal lecturers, and regularly carries out large-scale training to comprehensively improve employees' mentality, management level and executive ability. Senior leaders lead by example, the company's staff adhere to long-term study, actively build and practice innovative enterprises, learning enterprises.

In addition to external expansion, the company has been constantly strengthening its own cultivation. It has set up two channels for staff growth, namely management and technology, and formulated a roadmap for staff growth, cross-post and cross-department learning, so as to actively develop employees into versatile talents.


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The company's philosophy is "to fine truth, innovation silver star". Company product registration "silver star" trademark, in the industry at home and abroad has a certain visibility.