Service guarantee
Service  guarantee

Since the establishment of the company has attached great importance to after-sales service, "customer-oriented" has become the creed of every silver star. Under the guidance of the concept of "service as the core", from the manufacture of products to the delivery of customers, we always put the interests of customers in the first place and carefully provide the most valuable products for every customer who orders. "Take the quality as the center of gravity" makes every product that leaves the factory has passed the strict quality inspection, to ensure that every customer can buy at ease, with worry.

In the sales of products, the interests of customers are our first consideration, our service pursuit fine, from pre-sale consultation, enthusiastic service to the recommended products in the sale, we are required to be fine. Strong design and development, production and manufacturing, irregular return visit, strict quality assurance and quick and in place after-sales service, each link has been carefully arranged, to solve a series of customer worries.

Since the date of customer ordering, we will be the service throughout every link, 100 percent to ensure the interests of customers. Make every customer feel at home. Because of strength, we are confident. In the wave of market reform, our company always stands at the forefront of the industry, customer support gives us the greatest confidence. The company has a municipal engineering technology research and development center, a chemical analysis laboratory, a central laboratory, a variety of testing and testing equipment. And the company has a strong professional after-sales service team, can arrive at the domestic factories within 36 hours, and in a very short time to find out the reason to give users a satisfactory answer. In the future, I plant to actively introduce and promote new technology, new technology, new materials, improve product quality; Quality management as the center, on the basis of all staff participation and guarantee the best operation, constantly improve the quality system, create first-class quality benefits; Honor the contract, abide by the reputation, provide quality products and services, make friends all over the world, seek enterprise development.

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The company's philosophy is "to fine truth, innovation silver star". Company product registration "silver star" trademark, in the industry at home and abroad has a certain visibility.